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FLIP (Freenet Lightweight IRC Program) is an application to provide chat over Freenet using the IRC protocol. FLIP has been developed by "SomeDude". You can find his contact information in Freenet on the FreeBook freesite (working link to FreeBook is always available on "Ultimate Freenet Index" or "Activelink Index" which you can find on your Freenet startpage).



You can obtain FLIP by visiting the FLIP freesite (working link can also be found on the indexes which you can find on your Freenet startpage)


On Windows and Linux, right click the link to the .jar file on the FLIP Freesite, copy the link and paste it into the entry field "Add an Unofficial Plugin from Freenet" on the bottom of the plugins page. Alternatively, download the package for your operating system, unpack it and place the file to a location where you will find it again.

Compiling from source

This part is optional. You don't need to read this if you don't know what compiling means.

Make sure you have all dependencies needed to compile applications. In debian-based distributions like Ubuntu this would be the packages:

  • build-essential
  • cmake
  • libsqlite3-0

If you want to compile the application now, download the source package, unpack it and compile by executing

  • cmake .
  • make

This should result in an executable file called "flip".


  1. Make sure Freenet is running
  2. Execute FLIP by clicking on the file.
  3. Set up your IRC client (like XChat) to connect to:
    • Server: localhost
    • Port: 6667 (default)
  4. Join a channel like #freenet, #flip or #test

Keep in mind that you will have a lag of 30 seconds to some minutes while chatting. It may also take some time until other nicknames appear. Just type something and someone will see you probably.


Please note, that nick changes are not allowed while connected to FLIP.


While private messages themselves are encrypted with an RSA key, it is still possible to sniff the queue and tell whom the private messages are sent to (this is a known problem with Frost, too).


FLIP does not support all IRC commands you may be used to from your normal IRC experience. These commands are available (detailed information on Wikipedia):



JOIN <channels> [<keys>]

Makes the client join the channels in the comma-separated list <channels>, specifying the passwords, if needed, in the comma-separated list. If the channel(s) do not exist then they will be created.



PART <channels>

Causes a user to leave the channels in the comma-separated list <channels>.



QUIT [<message>]

Disconnects the user from the server.



PRIVMSG <msgtarget> <message>

Sends <message> to <msgtarget>, which is usually a user or channel.



LIST [<channels> [<server>]]

Lists all channels on the server. If the comma-separated list <channels> is given, it will return the channel topics. If <server> is given, the command will be forwarded to <server> for evaluation.

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