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Frost is an external application for Freenet that provides usenet-like messaging system and download manager functionality.
It has an easy to use interface to comfortably manage your inserts and downloads and communicate with others, using strong encryption to sign your messages for authentication or encryption to communicate in private.
It also included a P2P like file sharing system, which has been deactivated due to heavy spam attacks.

The project was started in 2001, and has been under constant development since.
It is written in Java, using an AWT interface, and runs under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Frost freesite is at freenet:USK@oyjm9tEWQ1fYbYDsBfJ017-ip9uTPzPLB52QHMduBIc,HE~wfG205QnSscK-U9FX7hAtGVkJg1~GRjkU1qkceTE,AQABAAE/frost/-1/

Frost's protocol uses KSKs to provide a globally writable location for messages and file sharing metadata.
The protocol in use is not hardened against spam attacks. So many boards are often not reachable due to heavy DOS attacks or spam.

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