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New structure

I think we should have a proper directory structure for the files, instead of just dumping them all in the main program folder. I've divided up the files into some rough categories, so how about a structure based on that, such as the following:

As packaged:

  • bin/ - as current
  • lib/ - as current
  • jar/ - for freenet*.jar, sha1test.jar
  • jar/plugins/ - as current plugins/
  • maint/ - for the install/update scripts and their state, such as SHA-1 sums etc..

Once installed, these will be created:

  • datastore/ - as current (rename store/?)
  • downloads/ - as current (rename complete/?)
  • logs/ - as current (rename log/?)
  • config/ - for "Config" section
  • state/ - for "Node-related state", except
  • state/misc - for "Node-related state: Technical (non-user-affected) stuff"

If Freenet ever gets packaged to a *NIX distro, a package maintainer could make (eg) the following maps:

  • bin/, lib/ -> /usr/lib/freenet/, /usr/bin/
  • config/ -> /etc/freenet/
  • datastore/ -> /var/lib/freenet/store/
  • downloads/ -> /var/lib/freenet/complete/
  • jar/ -> /usr/share/java/freenet/
  • maint/ -> /tmp/freenet/ or maybe /var/lib/freenet/maint/ if it really needs to be persistent
  • logs/ -> /var/log/freenet/
  • state/ -> /var/lib/freenet/state/

thoughts? infinity0 16:59, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

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